The word “Christian” has take on some baggage over the last couple millenia. Your idea of Christian may come from a crazy uncle or a devout nun, a t.v. preacher or Ned Flanders, great parents or concerned friends, a sheltered spouse or a wild pastor’s kid. It’s nuts to assume everyone is going to think of the same images when you utter the word “Christian”. At Holy Cross we say a Christian is a follower of Jesus; someone pursuing the life Jesus bought for them on the cross. We describe the life Jesus bought for us on the cross with three words: LIVE, LOVE, LEARN.

LIVE: We believe a Christian will LIVE life as a gift and calling from God.
LOVE: We believe a Christian will actively receive and give the love of God.
LEARN: We believe a Christian will want to learn and share the word of God.

We are committed to becoming these sorts of people. We get on teams focused on the L’s; we organize our church around embodying the L’s; and we encourage our friends to consider becoming described by the L’s. It’s not a program, it’s our heart, it’s who we want to be. Follow the links on the left and learn more.