God refuses to give up on us despite our sin. Instead of simply condemning us, he created a way that we can have our relationship with him restored, and be set free from that negative influence in our life which is sin. That way is Jesus Christ.

Jesus was born the son of a Jewish carpenter named Joseph, nearly 2000 years ago. Yet he was so much more than that. In a way that we may still not fully understand, he was also God. He is the Word of God that was present at the creation of the world, and he came to earth, born as one of us, in order to save us. A controversial figure, Jesus was polarizing to the community he was a part of. He taught a new way of living which, though based on the things God had already taught his people, was different from the way people had come to understand them. And it was certainly different from the common knowledge of the day. His teachings remain the same today as they were then. They challenge us to live a life of love and forgiveness, where we seek the good of others before the good of ourselves.

Ultimately, his teachings were not his main reason for coming to us. His final purpose was to sacrifice himself in order to pay the divine price for the sin that entered the world, and to pay the price for our own sins. Had things ended with his death on a Roman cross, we still would have to face the ultimate penalty for sin which is death and separation from God.  What Jesus’ followers, both modern and ancient, realized is that it didn’t end there on that cross, because Jesus, the Son of God, rose from the dead. In so doing he freed us to have a relationship with Him, and through him, with God the Father. Based on a relationship with God that has been restored, we can find hope and healing in all our relationships, and within ourselves.

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