From the start of the pandemic we at holy Cross have endeavored to worship God and serve our neighbor as we always have, but in a way that is in accord with public guidelines and mandates, and with our Christian duty to love our neighbor and not put them at undue risk.  However, we have also continued to pray for and desire a return to greater normalcy. With the growing number of vaccinated people, as well as changes in mandates and guidelines, we now believe it is time to take the following steps toward that normalcy.

– The wearing of masks is no longer required by Seminole County. We recommend following CDC guidelines regarding keeping our congregation safe.- the wearing of masks is still a personal choice and all are welcome.

In order to help maintain continuity, we are still live streaming the Worship services from as well as Facebook & Youtube.

Traditional Worship Service Bulletins are available online at

Please consider continuing to support your Church with a recurring donation – visit and follow the instructions.

Let us know if you are ill so we can add you to the prayer list, also let us know if you need any assistance so we can help or point you in the right direction.

The best thing you can do is retain as much of our normal routine as possible while continuing to turn to the Lord for solace.

Worship Services are at 8AM and 10AM on Sunday Mornings.