We are aware of a national coronavirus outbreak. We are following CDC guidelines regarding keeping our congregation safe.

In order to help maintain continuity, we are live streaming the Worship services from HCLM.org as well as Facebook & Youtube.

Traditional Worship Service Bulletins will be posted online at https://hclm.org/bulletins/

We will continue to host our Bible studies online on the same streaming service links

Please consider continuing to support your Church with a recurring donation – visit HCLM.org/give and follow the instructions.

Let us know if you are ill so we can add you to the prayer list, also let us know if you need any assistance so we can help or point you in the right direction.

Our schools have been prepared with online curriculum and computers required as part of our K-12 experience and parents have the option on in person or online learning. We are working with the health department to follow best practices. 

The best thing you can do is retain as much of our normal routine as possible while continuing to turn to the Lord for solace.

Worship Services are at 8AM and 10AM on Sunday Mornings. All in-person attendees will be asked to wear face masks per CDC recommendations in respect of others. We invite anyone in a higher risk population or anyone with difficulty wearing face masks to continue to enjoy our services online.

We plan on following extraordinary protocols with regards to cleaning before and between services. Our ventilation system allows for the interior air to be exchanged as well. Our chair placement will allow for social distancing.