Holy Cross is praying for the folks in Texas as they endure the natural disaster that affected so many.

We are coordinating with the Texas District of LCMS to assist where it helps. Right now rescue and recovery efforts by first responders is underway. We have been in touch with congregations on the ground and they are in need of financial support to help with food, shelter and medical care. Holy Cross is collecting funds to go directly to local ministries that will get applied where it is needed most.

In the longer term we are planning to mobilize a rebuilding team of upward of 50 people over the Christmas break. We know that it will take about that long for the emergency personnel to clear the area so it is safe to start rebuilding.  If you can participate in any way it would be appreciated. We will be needing to find RVs, trailers, tools, supplies and more to make this happen.

Texas Relief

Volunteer to serve on a relief team in Texas

Your financial gifts will make a difference in helping restore countless lives as we bear Christ’s mercy in word and deed.