Coronavirus - COVID19

We have been actively working to ensure that Coronavirus has as little impact as possible on our church & school community.

Starting as early as January, we have been preparing.

We established a relationship with a new vendor for cleaning supplies and  trained all staff on proper training protocols including virus disinfection protocols.

We set up Purell stations throughout the Lake Mary church campus.

We established our Google classrooms and Google Shared drive program to prepare our teachers for remote learning

We developed online curricula ahead of a potential school closure.

We added Telemedicine for all employees and their entire family.

When the schools were closed we were ready for virtual classrooms.

When the churches were closed we were ready for virtual worship service and Bible studies. 

The church office has been prepared for this with moving our payroll systems and accounting systems to the cloud. Online giving and ACH tuition payments have been in place. We recently added the ability to provide online invoicing and bill payment for school charges.

The Preschool in Lake Mary has been closed.

Holy Cross Lake Mary has adapted to keep our members comfortable with their choice of participation models. Online and In Person worship is available for each of the services. We will continue to offer online Bible classes while working back to on campus experiences.

HCLA has reopened the Sanford Preschool, Lower School and Upper School campuses and has adapted Holy Cross Learning Advantage for those parents who wish to maintain an augmented learn from home approach.


We continue to urge you to utilize Lutheran Counseling Services if you are feeling overwhelmed. We have access to their services for employees as part of your wellness package.

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