by | Mar 27, 2020

We understand that these uncertain times can be concerning. For many of our staff, the work does not exist without the students and church attendees. Unfortunately, the church has limited financial resources available.

As stated in our Employee Handbook “As an employee of a church body exempt from unemployment compensation taxes, you will not be eligible for unemployment compensation at the end of your tenure.” This also applies to leaves and furloughs.

Employees affected by the COVID19 may have some options:

New Federal Laws allow for sick paid leave – for full time employees, this adds and additional 5 days to the current 5 day sick leave. This new pay is at 100% if you are quarantined for COVID-19. It will pay 2/3rds of your regular pay if you are caring for someone else or if your child is out of school because of a closure.

“Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act,” requires employers to provide up to 80 hours of paid sick time to employees in specified circumstances, including:

A quarantine or isolation order for the employee or someone the employee is caring for, or medical advice to self-quarantine;

When the employee has symptoms of COVID-19;

When the employee’s child’s school or child care facility is closed.

Additionally, FMLA leave is available. FLMA covers up to 12 weeks of leave the first 10 days unpaid. Please review the Department of Labor notification.

Please know that during this time all benefits will be extended including Teledoc and Lutheran Counseling Service

We are actively monitoring the Federal and State responses and will continue to keep this page updated throughout the crisis.

Department of Labor Notice

The Department of Labor has published a notice for employees

FMLA Form for Employees

The Department of Labor has published an FLMA form for employees to complete and return to the employees supervisor.

FMLA Form for Employees Caring for Other

The Department of Labor has published an FLMA form for family leave to complete and return to the employees supervisor.