Disaster Relief Efforts

Our Church family has been busy since the storm.

We had 20-25 people stay in the Church or school on Friday through Monday nights.
We had 27 Staff people 12 students 2 parents 5 community volunteers and 15 Holy Cross members clean up the three campuses on Tuesday so that our School was the first school back in business on Wednesday morning.
Dave Torbett from ReCreation Experience in North Carolina came in and he and Dave Lundberg and Chris Johnson checked the roof at Lisa Casey’s and determined it had to be replaced.
Thursday We met with the county emergency management team and they gave us 3 families to work with. Two of us went out and tarped two roofs and then three of us used chain saws to cut up two trees 5 feet in diameter. Thursday the work also began on the Casey house.
Friday we had 5 people work for 3 hours at a home in Lake Mary clearing debris. Another 12 people were at one of our members homes for 4 hours with rakes and chain saws. Then 4 people spent 4 hours at the home of the lady with the large trees, and another hour at one more home that we tarped and used chain saws to clear debris.
Saturday 6 of us worked with 400 other well meaning people from 11 churches. Our group tarped three houses and then chain sawed trees and cleared debris from 5 more homes, for a total of 8 hours.
We worked from Thursday 6:30am through 4pm on Monday to clear the debris and reroof the Casey House. This project involved 31 different volunteers and over 480 man hours to finish with $3,500 worth of materials used.
Also on Monday 4 of us spent 4 hours at the Kellys with chain saw and clearing debris. Then we finished with one more house from the county a tree on a roof by Lake Brantley that was 5 people for 4 hours.
So over all we had 105 volunteers who contributed over 1000 hours and we helped the church and 4 of our own families and 12 families that we were assigned by the County Emergency management people.
God is Good!
In Christ
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