Special Announcements

LCEF – Young Investors Club

You know it’s important to teach children to give thanks for God’s many blessings and use those blessings wisely to serve Him. Learning to understand the value of sharing, saving and spending money is a good place to start. Holy Cross has partnered with LCEF to offer the Young Investors Club. For the first 250 accounts opened, we will fund the $25.00 initial deposit. Applications are in the Narthex.

Heart to Heart

Do you ever find yourself frustrated when you’re trying to communicate with your spouse?  Are you able to work through problems easily?  Do you feel like your spouse doesn’t understand you?  Do you seem to have mismatched goals and priorities?  Are you aware of your motivators and stressors and how that impacts your marriage?  Heart to Heart will help you rediscover the similarities and differences between you that you once found attractive and learn to appreciate, value and accept one another.  Using a research-validated personality and communication assessment tool, Heart to Heart will increase your self-awareness and give you personalized strategies and tools to better communicate with your spouse.  The cost is $69 per person. The 6-hour workshop is held over 2 sessions:  September 9 & 23, 8:30am to 12:00 pm. Registration deadline is Wednesday, 9/6.  Register at https://hclm.org/marriageworkshop/. Contact Valerie or David Fosburgh with questions at 407-986-0980.


L Team News

BUNCO – August 22nd

Come fellowship and have FUN on Tuesday, August 22nd at 11:30am with brown bag lunch, games start at noon in the Fellowship Hall. Prizes awarded for most BUNCO, most wins, most losses, and whatever with bagged white elephant items provided by the players.

Book Club – August 28th

Join the Book Club on Monday, August 28th at 7:00pm for a lively discussion of “Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles led by Karen von Lersner.

This changes EVERYTHING!! – Sept 10th

Your money. Your story. Your life. Learn God’s ways of handling money with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University!! The average turnaround is $8,000 in just the first three months!!  Classes will be offered on Sundays at 1:00PM starting September 10th in the Fellowship Hall. Contact The Sadlon’s at arsadlon1234@hotmail.com for information.

General Announcements     

Confirmation 2017-2018

We invite your 7th grade student to join us for our 2017-2018 Confirmation, beginning Wednesday, September 13. Our confirmation program is a small group based, interactive experience that gives students the opportunity to explore and confirm their faith in Jesus Christ. We meet weekly on Wednesday nights 6:30-8:00 through the school year (with a break from Thanksgiving through December). This year is the first part of a two-year experience in which students will learn about their faith. There is a one-time registration fee of $125. Online registration is available at hclm.org/confirmation. If you have further questions about our confirmation program or for a complete schedule of the year, please contact Daniel Robison at daniel@hclm.org.

Prayer Teams

Prayer Teams are forming to pray in a mighty way. You can get additional information at hclm.org/prayer to see list of prayer teams and submit a prayer. Prayerfully consider joining a team.

Metals for Missions

The Little Red Truck is back from vacation and in the same spot in parking lot across from Fellowship Hall. We are collecting donations of aluminum cans and assorted other metals to fund our various Holy Cross missions. Please place metals in the lil’ red pickup truck on Sundays or blue receptacle in the Fellowship Hall. Contact: Warren Jennison.

Family Serve – August 26th

We have our next family serve on Saturday, August 26th, at 8:00AM. We will meet at StarChild Academy on Longwood/Lake Mary Road and clean up our adopted road. Please bring a trash “grabber” and some gloves. RSVP to Pastor Chris at chrisj@hclm.org.

Holy Cross 101: August 31st

Pastor Matt is offering a new member class on Thursday, August 31st from 6-9PM. It will be a meet & greet with other new people, a Q & A with Pastor Matt and an introduction to our beliefs. A light dinner will be provided.  If you plan on attending, please contact Pastor Matt at mwallis@hclm.org.

Holy Cross Lutheran Academy

Holy Cross Lutheran Academy – Elementary Program is looking for a few aftercare workers for this upcoming school year.  If you are good with elementary aged children and like to have fun this is the job for you.  The hours are 3pm-6pm Monday-Friday and all school holidays off.  If you are interested, please contact Rob Sinninger at rsinninger@thehcla.org or 407-936-3636.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable Gift Annuities allow donors to give a deductible contribution to ministry while retaining fixed, partially tax free payments, for 1 or 2 lives. Robin does her work fee-free; why not use her expertise? Open your hands and your heart.  Robin.Paris@lfnd.org; 937-477-9713.


Prayers of the Church   

Prayers of Thanksgiving

We are thankful for great start to the school year. 

Blessings as they learn and grow.

Prayers of Comfort

Marianne Chapman

Prayers of Healing

Snookie Dolan (Tom Easton’s Sister) is in final stages of her battle with cancer and has entered hospice care; prayers of peace and comfort

Robert Janney (Deborah Martel’s father) since March has broken both arms and both legs.  At 90, the 3 surgeries have triggered anesthesia caused dementia.  Praying for his healing body, brain, and soul

Judy Hans (Deborah Martel’s sister) had tumors removed from the spinal canal in her neck several years ago.  The tumors have returned at the top of her C1 vertebrae/ skull; praying for healing

John Philips (friend of Don & Anne Blackadar) rare form of bone cancer, undergoing chemo

Elaine Sheridan (Anne Blackadar’s Sister) prayers for healing from a cardiac event

Laura Burgay Alexander (friend of Dave Thompson) prayers for healing

General Prayers

SSG Derek Pearman (Lyn Easton’s Nephew) is a combat medic in the Army; he has been deployed for nine months to an unknown location; prayers for protection and safe return

Tracye  Dockett prayers for emotional restoration from relationship break-up

We pray today for our nation and our world. We ask that God would be with all of our leaders and elected officials; we pray that He would bring peace to the world, an end to violence and especially watch over Christians that are facing persecution.

Prayers for Healing from Cancer

Wolfgang Ahl

Barbara Bechtold

Robert Bowes

Mark Brink

Jack Cadden

Cherrie Case

Ivan Cintron

Millie Diaz

Laura Doherty

Paige Elward

Jamie Fabozzi

Jonell Hagle

Stacey Homra

Hetty Lou Horn

Marlin Houser

Jessie Howe

Pastor Randall James

Megan Johnson

Carol Jusits

Ray Kerr

Kevin Kittelson

Toni LaRose

Al Laruffa

Lori Luedtke

Heather Marvel

Janice Miller

Steven Montes

Desmond Niburg

Nicole O’Grady

Dan Olson

Audrey Pettit

Pamela Petty

Claudia Quesada

Jessica Quintana

Marian Ritter

Lori Rockey

Marsha Rush

Jim Salley

Evelyn Samples

Bryton Saxon

Sunny Schilter

Karen Schlue

Bob Smith

Wendy Spring

Gary Starkweather

Debbie Stevenson

Phil Stichler

Cindy Taylor

Jim Thompson

Roger Webb

Rayna Wendell

Richard Wilton

Marg Winsauer

Sunday Services at 8:00am, 9:30am and 11:00am in the Worship Center

Monday Service at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall

Pastor Matt Wallis (mwallis@hclm.org)

Pastor Chris Johnson (chrisj@hclm.org)

Executive Pastor CFLCN: Pastor Paul Hoyer (paul@hclm.org)