Holy Cross Lutheran Academy Teacher Commissioning
We will be commissioning our Holy Cross Lutheran Academy teachers for the 2015-16 school year this Sunday during the 11:00am service. Family and friends are invited to join us as we pray for our teachers as they work to Build God’s Kingdom Here in Central Florida. All teachers in our community are invited to attend to receive a blessing and so that we can pray for the important work you do.

Confirmation Class for 7th and 8th graders
We would like to invite your 7th/8th grade child to join us for our 2015-2016 Confirmation Class. Confirmation is an opportunity for students to confirm their faith in Jesus Christ and lay a foundation which they can build upon for a lifetime. The program is small-group based and is designed to be fun and engaging. The class meets weekly on Wednesday nights. Over the course of the year, students will learn about their faith, become familiar with the Bible, be encouraged in their prayer life and develop a personal testimony. In addition to the weekly meetings, there are two weekend retreats. A fun 3 day retreat held in September where the students will “walk through the Bible” and a 2-day retreat held in early May. There is a one-time registration fee of $150.00.

Part time Aide needed
The preschool on the Lake Mary Campus has an opening for a teacher’s aide for 2 year olds, 2 days a week. If you’re interested please contact Lisa Mangus at lmangus@thehcla.org.

“Fourth Tuesdays”
Represent fellowship AND FUN at Holy Cross with lots of laughter and socializing while playing BUNCO! Come see for yourself on Tuesday, August 25th [11:30 a.m./brown bag lunch; noon/game starts] in the Fellowship Hall. Prizes awarded for first BUNCO, most BUNCOs, most wins, most losses, and whatever are in the form of bagged white elephant items provided by the players. Since it takes all of 5 seconds to learn the “rules,” prior experience obviously is not required!

Book Club News
Colleen McCullough’s new, romantic Australian novel about four unforgettable sisters taking their places in life during the tumultuous years after World War I is “just as epic as her ultra-romantic classic, The Thorn Birds”. Because they are two sets of twins, the four Latimer sisters are as close as can be. Yet each of these vivacious young women has her own dream for herself. Set against the background of a young and largely untamed nation, “filled with humor, insight, and captivating historical detail, McCullough’s latest is a wise and warm tribute to family, female empowerment, and her native land”. Join the Book Club as they discuss this book on  August 24th at 7PM.

Wondering what to do
with empty inkjet printer cartridges, empty laser printer cartridges, used cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, e-Readers, tablets, GPS systems and Scientific Calculators? Here’s a suggestion – donate them to LWML. They will collect them and redeem them for cash to help fund the 2019 National Convention. ask your family, friends, neighbors if they would like help disposing of their empty inkjet and laser cartridges or other recyclable items. Then, bring   them to the church office and drop them in the collection box. LWML appreciates your help… and so will the environment!

Looking for a place where your child can Live, Love and Learn?  We provide opportunities for your child to receive a wonderful education while teaching them to courageously share the love of Jesus in the community!  Visit us at www.thehcla.org for additional information about our preschool through high school programs. Or you may call us at 407-936-3636.

Gift Planning
Benefits of Giving Non-Cash Assets are significant. Getting a charitable deduction, avoiding taxes and the ability to make a larger gift are just some of them. Want to hear more? Call Robin Paris, our Gift Planning Counselor, at 937-477-9713 (cell); 407-333-0797, Ext. 1103; or email her at Robin.Paris@lfnd.org

Lutheran Counseling Services
They are celebrating their 25th anniversary with a banquet being held at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on October 10th at 5:30-8PM. Music will be provided by David Ludwig. Masters of Ceremony is President Walton of LCMS.  Dinner will be catered by Chef Scott. Tickets on sale now: 1 for $20 or 2 for $30. Visit www.lcsfl.com/events of call Jamie 407-644-4692 to purchase tickets.

Prayers of Thanksgiving
For our teachers as they start a new school year; God grant them your strength, so they will have courage in every situation; grant them your love, so they may love others as you love them; grant them your wisdom, so they will show others the path to success;  grant them your peace, so they will find the best in everybody; grant them your hope, so they will never give up; grant them your joy, so they will be thankful for all their blessings; and grant them your grace, so you will always be at their side.
Wally and Doris Zentner as they celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Aug 20th
Chris Jennison prayer of thanksgiving for her favorable test results

Prayers for Healing
Kirby Claxton just diagnosed with cancer and has to undergo treatment; prayers for his fast healing
Fred Misener (Kristin McAllan’s Dad) prostate cancer has spread to his bones; prayers for healing, comfort and strength
Ken Kernen Jr (Donna Mooney’s cousin) prayers for successful heart by-pass surgery
Terry Hall (Joanne Hench’s cousin) had surgery on his foot; prayers for proper healing
Jennifer Gonzalez (friend of Debbie Rolf) had a thyroid biopsy; prayers for favorable test results
Lee Kellerman prayers for healing from recent surgery
Jack Cadden recently diagnosed with cancer; prayers for healing and strength and for guidance on a treatment plan
Frank Lombardo (friend of the Schumann’s) fighting bladder cancer; prayers for healing and strength
Phil (friend of Ken Bates) complications following cancer surgery, hospitalized at South Orlando; prayers for healing and complete recovery
Bruce Mensing (Barb Rueh’s brother) started chemo/radiation this past week; prayers for complete healing and comfort during treatment
Bella Rae Brockhaus 9 year old girl with a rare blood disease; prayers for proper treatment and healing
Ruth Ann Russel hospitalized with a spine infection; prayers for healing
Scott Harding recently diagnosed with cancer; prayers for healing and strength
Gizela Cintron had surgery; prayers for a successful procedure and a smooth recovery

Prayers for Healing from Cancer

Rob Barbour
Barbara Bechtold
Joyce Block
Debra Goodwin
Robert Bowes
Amanda Broughton
Ivan Cintron
Sharon Coe
Millie Diaz
Paige Elward
Bette Flynn
Liz Foster
Andy Frey
Carlton Graves
Scott Harding
Jonell Hagle
Stacey Homra
Pastor Randall James
Megan Johnson
Carol Jusits
Al Laruffa
Lori Luedtke
Heather Marvel
Rob May
Ethel McLeod
Janice Miller
Fred Misener
Steven Montes
Nicole O’Grady
Dan Olson
Audrey Pettit
Diane Plog
Claudia Quesada
Jessica Quintana
Howard Raddatz
Roz Rawson
Lisa Rooney
Marsha Rush
Jim Salley
Evelyn Samples
Bryton Saxon
Sunny Schilter
Susan Shultz
Betsy Sell
Wendy Spring
Gary Starkweather
Ian Supra
Kristen Sydney
Cindy Taylor
Jim Thompson
Patrick Walsh
Richard Wilton