Special Announcements

Today – Scout Sunday Pancake Breakfast

Come to the Fellowship Hall hungry as the Boy Scouts will be making their now famous pancakes, serving them after each service. Because we will be munching on pancakes, we will not have our First Sunday Cookout.

Early Communion Class for 4-5th graders

The class is for children,  that in their parent’s estimation, are mature and ready to receive the Lord’s Supper. The class starts on March 8th at 6:30pm and runs each week on Wednesdays through April 12th.  After completion of the 6-week class, the students are invited to partake in their first communion at the Maundy Thursday service, April 13th at 7pm. If you would like to have your child participate in the class, we ask that you do two things.  1) Reserve your spot (so we can order materials) by Feb 22nd by registering online at
hclm.org/communion  2) Have at least one parent attend each of the six 1-hour sessions with your child.

Look in your mailbox

Giving statements for 2016 have been mailed. If you do not receive one in the next week please call the church office, 407-333-0797.

Special Voters’ Meeting

We are planning on a special voters’ meeting for the purpose of calling 2 pastors to Holy Cross/CFLCN as we continue to Plant & Build. The voters’ meeting will be held at Lake Mary on 2/26/2107 at 1P.M. Details will be mailed to members.

Join an L Team

Jesus formed a team of people around Himself, and we believe we should be on a team too! Discipleship and growth happens best in the context of relationships. L-Teams give us the opportunity to build those relationships as we form little pockets of community in our life. To find out more information go to hclm.org/teams. Here are some L Teams we currently have at Holy Cross:

Divine Dollies

Join the ladies on Feb 7th at the Marriot on International Parkway at 11:30AM for lunch. Enjoy appetizers, soup, small plates or large salads and their well known burgers. Call Hilde Hoy, 407-324-7616, or Grace Chening, 407-322-8634 to make reservations.

Valentine’s Day

The second Tuesday Lunch Bunch will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at Season’s 52 located at 463 E Altamonte Dr., Altamonte Springs. Please bring your spouse so you can spend Valentine’s Day with your special someone. Contact Marlene Robinson at 407-335-4669 to make reservations.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

The Bible is clear that God is against injustice but many of us do nothing about it. What breaks Jesus’ heart should break our hearts. Join Lana Wallis for a new Bible study outside in the playground at 9:30 Sundays starting Feb 12th.  They will learn about slavery and human trafficking and how it is happening right here in our backyard. Actually, Orlando is a major hub for sex trafficking!

This changes EVERYTHING!!

Learn God’s ways of handling money with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University!! The average turnaround is $8,000 in just the first three months!!  Classes are on Sundays,  at 1:00pm  in the Fellowship Hall starting February 12th. This is a 9 week course. Please contact Andy or Pamela Sadlon, arsadlon1234@hotmail.com, for information on ordering your kits to get started!!

General Announcements

He’s back in yellow and black

The Lego Batman Movie is an American 3D computer-animated action-comedy superhero film. All kids and church families are welcome to join us as we see the premiere of this movie on Feb 10th at AMStar movie theater on Colonial Grand Lane in Lake Mary. Show starts at 7:30PM, let’s meet at 7PM.

Annual BSA Mulch Fundraiser

The deadline to order mulch this year is Sunday February 19th. We can order mulch through the Troop website:  www.troop854.com/mulchorders. The delivery date this year is Saturday February 25th.  Questions can go to:  Troop854Mulch@gmail.com or 407-309-2507.

I’m a Campbell soup girl

What’s your favorite soup and what does that say about you???
chicken noodle soup:  church-going, fond of pets, likely to be stubborn,  less likely to be outdoorsy.
vegetable soup:  homebody at heart, less likely to be a world traveler, less likely to be spontaneous and more likely to read family and home magazines.
tomato soup: adventurous,  likely to be social and tend to enjoy books and pets.
We are collecting soups, stews and food loaded with protein for the Sharing Center.

Family Serve

We have our next family serve on Sat, Feb 11th, at 9AM. We will meet at StarChild Academy on Longwood/Lake Mary Road and clean up our adopted road. If we get enough volunteers we can get this done pretty fast! Please bring a trash “grabber” (if you have one, we only have a few) and some gloves. For more information or to RSVP, please email Pastor Chris at chrisj@hclm.org

LWML Rummage/Craft Sale: Sat, Mar 4th

Mar 4: Sale runs from 8a to 3p in the Fellowship Hall. No TVs; all other salable, clean items are welcome and will be accepted at Holy Cross after Feb 12th. “Rent-a-table” for those who want to sell their own rummage/crafts: $10 per 6 foot table. Text Valerie Schulz 407-463-0831 to reserve a table. Come to buy and bring your friends! Proceeds from sale are benefiting LWML mites, also supporting two members of Holy Cross to attend the national convention.

Summer Volunteers Needed!

Do you love working with kids of all ages? Holy Cross will be hosting several youth camps and activities over the summer and we are looking for volunteers to help make the kids time here great! Volunteers aged Middle School through Adult are needed.  If you are interested in helping, please go to: https://goo.gl/forms/6h4BIZSxtmfng1R73 to fill out a quick info sheet or contact Lara Jackson at ladyshaner2b@gmail.com. We will be back in touch with you as the events get closer to confirm your availability and lock in your spot!

Cancerbank April 1st

Pastor Chris is planning the next event and needs some help; he needs volunteers and silent auction items. Questions? contact Pastor Chris at 407-929-7279 or chrisj@hclm.org.

Prayers of the Church

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Mary Oyler as she celebrates her birthday today
Emmett Olson (Dan Olson’s grandson) out of NICU; home with Mom & Dad

Prayers for Comfort

Nicole Parker college student (friend of the McGavock’s)

Prayers for Healing

Barb Rueh had knee replacement; prayers for healing
Karen vonLersner had hip replacement; prayers for healing and speedy recovery
Robert Bowes has to go to Moffitt Cancer Center for chemo; prayers for healing
Tom Hurlburt had a growth removed from his lung; prayers for favorable test results
Lori Rockey has breast cancer, had surgery; prayers for favorable test results and healing
Olivia a 1 year old, had a cancerous  brain tumor removed; prayers for healing and complete recovery
Fred & Diane Berg, Andy & Christine Berg (Paul Berg’s siblings) many health issues; prayers for healing and strength
Tal French (Jerry and Mary Oyler’s son-in-law) has heart failure; prayers for direction for the doctors and to strengthen his life with Christ

Prayers for Healing from Cancer

Wolfgang Ahl
Barbara Bechtold
Robert Bowes
Mark Brink
Jack Cadden
Cherrie Case
Ivan Cintron
Jane Deed
Millie Diaz
Laura Doherty
Paige Elward
Jamie Fabozzi
Carlton Graves
Jonell Hagle
Stacey Homra
Pastor Randall James
Megan Johnson
Carol Jusits
Ray Kerr
Mary LaPlante
Al Laruffa
Lori Luedtke
Heather Marvel
Reenee McGavock
Janice Miller
Steven Montes
Desmond Niburg
Sam Niburg
Nicole O’Grady
Dan Olson
Audrey Pettit
Pamela Petty
Diane Plog
Claudia Quesada
Jessica Quintana
Marian Ritter
Marsha Rush
Jim Salley
Evelyn Samples
Bryton Saxon
Sunny Schilter
Bob Smith
Wendy Spring
Gary Starkweather
Debbie Stevenson
Phil Stichler
Cindy Taylor
Jim Thompson
William Ulm
Roger Webb
Rayna Wendell
Richard Wilton
Marg Winsauer