To Follow God With our Whole Life

A man is killed, his wife, children and servants are killed along with all his donkeys and sheep. Then all his possessions are burned right down to his tent. How can this be the conclusion to the Fall of Jericho? As we continue with our series to, “Follow the Leader” Pastor Paul Hoyer will look at how Joshua led through the difficult circumstances of Achan’s sin. We will see just what it means to follow God with our whole life.

but soon children in our community will be starting back to school and many will need help gathering together the necessary supplies. Throughout the month of July we will be collecting school supplies to donate to local children. Please pick up a list in the Narthex and do some fun back to school shopping for these students. Thanks as always for your support!

Where can you get breakfast all day long?
Service was great and fast plus we got seated quickly and got our food fast,our server was nice and friendly and took good care of us. The Last Thursday of the Month Dinner group will be dining at the IHOP in Sanford by the Seminole Towne Center on July 30th To make reservations call Joanne Hench at 407-322-6004 by July 29th.

Caps of Love
“Caps of Love” is dedicated to helping the disabled. Recycling plastic caps raises money to buy wheelchairs for disabled children. Plastic caps are a different grade of plastic from the bottles and are valuable in bulk. Hard plastic caps from laundry detergents, beverages, shampoo, spray paint, cream cheese, peanut butter, medicines and so many others. Color is not an issue – save them all! Translucent type water bottle caps are especially valuable. There will be a container in the narthex, let’s fill it up!

Mark your calendars
We all have busy summers with vacations, holidays like the 4th and all the kids activities and summer camps.  But maybe, in spite of all the other busyness, you have also felt like you should be spending some time helping people and making the world a better place?  Well, now’s your chance!  On Saturday August 1st, from 9am-12pm we will be hosting a community clean-up of the Historic Hopper Academy near downtown Sanford. Hopper Academy is a historic schoolhouse that is being turned into a community center to benefit the local neighborhood.  Before it can be renovated, it needs to be cleared of debris and old furniture.  It is a great opportunity to make an impact, as well as providing a chance for students to earn much needed community service hours.  The building itself, which once served as a Negro School, is a walk through history.  And downtown Sanford, just a few blocks away, provides a great place to spend the rest of your afternoon with great local eating establishments, a river-walk and a great park with a splash-pad.  So load up the mini-van and make an impact!

Behind the Scenes
Have you ever wondered who works behind the scenes to make sure communion is prepared or that the Altar is correctly set up?  Perhaps you are a new member looking for a way to serve the Holy Cross community. Altar Guild is looking for additional members, experience not
needed. Even if you aren’t sure you want to be an active member, maybe you would like to know more about how scripture and tradition guide us. Please join Pastor Matt and the current Altar Guild members for a light lunch and conversation on Aug 2nd at 12:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall. Please let Mickey Buschman know if you plan on attending by calling 407-878-0204 or

Looking for people to be ministry partners
in our Kids Church time. Please come to an informational meeting on Aug 2nd immediately following Kids Church at 10:30AM in the Community Room. We need partners who love kids and want to teach them God’s Word. We need teachers, helpers, and greeters. See you Aug 2nd! If you have any questions feel free to email Lisa Mangus at lmangus

Looking for a place where your child can Live, Love and Learn?  We provide opportunities for your child to receive a wonderful education while teaching them to courageously share the love of Jesus in the community!  Visit us at for additional information about our preschool through high school programs. Or you may call us at 407-936-3636.

Transfer the blessings
Not just the things. Transfer your stewardship values at the end of your earthly life when you transfer property. Contact our Gift planning Counselor, Robin Paris, by calling her at 937-477-9713 (cell); 407-333-0797, ext 1103, or emailing her at She will be happy to assist you.

Prayers of Thanksgiving
James Celano as we celebrate his baptism at the 5:30 service
Vanessa Perez as we celebrate her baptism at the 11:00 service
Franchely Cruz her doctors have declared her cancer free
Frank Lombardo as he celebrates his 90th birthday
Russ Denton as he celebrates his birthday on July 19th
Kristen Hench (Craig and Joanne Hench’s daughter-in-law) as she celebrates her birthday

Prayers for Healing
Kerry Huffins in last stages of cancer, she is in a great deal of pain; prayers for comfort and ease of mind and body
Miriam Russell suffering with many illnesses; prayers that she will be healed and God’s peace and comfort
Janet King hospitalized with a stroke; prayers for complete recovery and return to good health
Susan Holder is in danger of losing her vision, she has 2 sons to raise and can not imagine not seeing her boys grow up; prayers that God would save her vision by showing grace and mercy
Jack Davis 4 year old  boy having open heart surgery on 7/22; prayers for successful surgery and a smooth recovery
Erin Luckeydoo in ICU with stomach issues; prayers that the doctors find the problem
Joyce Block diagnosed with cancer of her liver, meeting with oncologist; prayers for wisdom for the doctors, healing and peace & faith for the family
Alfred Casale (Joanne Hench’s Uncle) recently diagnosed with cancer given 6 months to live; prayers for God’s peace and support for his family in the months to come
Shaniya Hayes 7 year old with a blood disorder that requires her to have a transfusion every month; prayers fro healing
Abagail (Julie Devaney’s grandniece) a newborn born with a heart condition; prayers for healing and strength for the family
Frank Lombardo hospitalized with a heart condition and kidney failure; prayers for healing
Ivan Rosario had emergency surgery for appendicitis; prayers for healing
Eric Stier right knee replacement; prayers for healing and full recovery
Rob Barbour (Lori Bieber’s brother in law) has prostate cancer; prayers for favorable results from bone scan, healing and support for the family
Hunter LaFlesh 19 year old involved in a car accident, recovering slowly; prayers for continued healing
Dave McCormack involved in a motorcycle accident, in ICU at Central Florida Regional with serious injuries and in a coma; prayers for recovery and strength for his wife, Barbara
Steve Ploutz had surgery; prayers for a complete recovery and return to full health
Michelle Torres an expectant mom had an injury that required surgery; prayers for a complete recovery

Prayers for Healing from Cancer

Rob Barbour
Barbara Bechtold
Joyce Block
Debra Goodwin
Robert Bowes
Amanda Broughton
Sean Cadden
Ivan Cintron
Sharon Coe
Millie Diaz
Paige Elward
Liz Foster
Andy Frey
Carlton Graves
Jonell Hagle
Stacey Homra
Pastor Randall James
Megan Johnson
Carol Jusits
Al Laruffa
Lori Luedtke
Heather Marvel
Rob May
Ethel McLeod
Janice Miller
Steven Montes
Nicole O’Grady
Dan Olson
Audrey Pettit
Diane Plog
Claudia Quesada
Jessica Quintana
Howard Raddatz
Roz Rawson
Cash Register
Lisa Rooney
Marsha Rush
Jim Salley
Evelyn Samples
Bryton Saxon
Sunny Schilter
Betsy Sell
Wendy Spring
Gary Starkweather
Ian Supra
Kristen Sydney
Cindy Taylor
Jim Thompson
Patrick Walsh
Richard Wilton