Special Announcements

First Sunday Cook Out Today!

Come have a hamburger or hot dog with us today after the 11AM service. You might even see one of the pastors behind the grill!

It’s Cereal Time

Summer is a tough time for many families trying to keep food on the table. As we have done in the past, we will be collecting cereal for the month of June to donate to the Sharing Center. We are going to be getting a lot of help from the children and volunteers who attend VBS.

Check out New Brunch Format

Holy Cross is partnering with UCF students to provide Brunch for the Kids. Sunday mornings will have freshly baked goods and coffee on a donation only basis with the proceeds benefitting Children’s Miracle Network. Stop in before or after service for some tasty treats.

Summer Kids Church

Summer kids church starts today upstairs in the Community Room for children preK through and including 5th grade.

L-Team Announcements


If you’re in 8th grade or above, stay tuned for all updates for our mid week student event during the summer, 601, starting in a couple weeks! Subscribe to our Instagram through hclm.org/youth to receive regular updates!

Divine Dollies

El Paso is away from the busy mall on State Road 46, so you don’t need to worry about all the traffic. The food is yummy and very filling, you will not go away hungry!! There is a sampler plate for every appetite! Our ladies will be having lunch here on June 7th at 11:30AM. To make reservations call Doris Underwood at 386-789-4280.

Second Tuesday Lunch Bunch

So the basics are that Carrabba’s is an Italian restaurant offering a variety of meals that will make your mouth water. Lunch Bunch will be dining at Carrabba’s in Sanford, on June 14th at 11:30AM. To make reservations call Arlene Worden at 407-321-3739.

Jesus Didn’t Tap…

Would you like a fun way to get in shape while learning an Olympic sport?  Then come join Pastor Matt for Judo!  Judo is a wrestling sport and martial art. It is based on the principles of Maximum Efficiency (using your opponents strength against them) and Mutual Welfare and Benefit (training safely with power and speed).  You will learn throws, takedowns, pins and submissions in a fun and safe environment. Join us Tuesday nights from 8-10pm at Urban Ninja Dojo in Longwood.  Contact Pastor Matt at mwallis@hclm.org for more info.

Wednesday’s Bible Studies

At ten o’clock in the morning the Fellowship Hall fills up quickly with people who want to study the Bible with Pastor Paul. They discover the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter. For the summer they will be studying the book of First Corinthians. They will be taking a small hiatus June 8th and June 15th while we have VBS here on campus.
At noon some of the folks stay and are joined by other friends for Pastor Matt’s Bible Study. The themes for his Bible study are varied, sometimes they will discuss a book of the Bible like they are currently (Proverbs) and other times discuss current issues. They too will be taking a short break during VBS.
Daniel Robison’s Wednesday evening Bible Study will be taking a short break for the summer. When they resume in August they will be exploring the book of Acts. Watch the Newsletter for the start up date.

Family Serve – Grace ‘n Grits June 29th 5pm – 7pm

Each church takes a turn preparing and serving a variety of hot meals, and local supermarkets donate baked goods and bread which can be taken home. Sign up on the website if you and your family would like to join us in serving our neighbors.

General Announcements

Red Letter Challenge

The Red Letter Challenge is now taking place. Holy Cross is partnering with Ascension Lutheran and theCross Mt. Dora for a 40 day fun challenge! You’ll receive a free email every day for the next 40 days with the words of Jesus challenging you to live your life according to His will and ways. All the information you need to participate can be found by going to www.redletterchallenge.com.

VBS Volunteers and their Families

Come help us celebrate our fantastic VBS experience on June 18th with a cookout and movie night. Cookout will start at 6PM with the grilling of the hot dogs. Movie, Star Wars The Force Awakens, will start at 7PM in the Worship Center. Please RSVP to Lisa Mangus @ 407-936-3636 ext.2 or email at lmangus@thehcla.org.

Crusader Preschool Camp

Children 3 to 6 years old are invited to join any one or all of the three weeks of preschool camp on the Lake Mary campus. Week one will center around the arts, week two they will be playing old fashioned games and week three will be water days fun. To enroll go to THEHCLA.org/camps.
Looking for a few middle school or high school students that may want to earn volunteer hours this summer!  The Holy Cross Lutheran Academy Preschool on the Lake Mary Campus has a summer camp the weeks of July 11th, 18th and 25th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Monday – Thursday.  Choose one week or all three weeks.

Crusader Adventure Camps

HCLA, Upper School Campus, still has openings in several of their summertime camps. Children 1st through 5th grade can enjoy exploring our amazing oceans,  mountains, rainforests, the Everglades, National Parks and our own state of Florida. To enroll go to THEHCLA.org/camps.

Too hot outside for your kids?

Why not schedule a tour at our “cool” preschool? We are currently enrolling 2,3,and 4 year olds for our Lake Mary Campus. To schedule a tour you can go to THEHCLA.org or call Lisa Mangus at 407-936-3636 ext 2.

Prayers of the Church

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Noah Fryer as we celebrate his Baptism at the 11:00 service
Don & Barb Rueh as they celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary on June 3rd

Prayers of Comfort for Those who have lost Loved Ones

Lorraine Robichaud (Sue Stark’s step-mother)

Prayers for Healing

Robert Berl (Debbie Ruehle’s father) hospitalized; prayers for God’s guidance in his continuing medical care
Karen von Lersner having knee replacement surgery June 6th; prayers for successful surgery and a speedy recovery
Carissa Borton involved in a car accident sustaining serious internal injuries; prayers for successful surgery and recovery
Judy Morlock (Amy Stier’s mother & Olivia Stier’s grandmother) has been moved to hospice; prayers for peace and comfort
Paulette Schonsheck (Robin Paris’ sister-in-law) hospitalized with acute leukemia; prayers for strength and healing
Kevin Kettelson diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that has metastasized; prayers that God remove his illness

General Prayers

Margaret Ruehle prayers that God’s will be done in helping her find employment
Nathan Fliger prayers that God would lead him to gainful employment
Madeline Sisco safe travel to the UK for study abroad
Meghan Hillenberg safe travel as she accompanies Madeline

Prayers for Healing from Cancer

Wolfgang Ahl
Barbara Bechtold
Robert Bowes
Jack Cadden
Cherrie Case
Ivan Cintron
Jane Deed
Millie Diaz
Laura Doherty
Paige Elward
Kevin Fox
Carlton Graves
Jonell Hagle
Stacey Homra
Pastor Randall James
Megan Johnson
Carol Jusits
Jan Kerns
Ray Kerr
Mary LaPlante
Al Laruffa
Lori Luedtke
Heather Marvel
Reenee McGavock
Janice Miller
Fred Misener
Steven Montes
Desmond Niburg
Sam Niburg
Nicole O’Grady
Dan Olson
Audrey Pettit
Pamela Petty
Diane Plog
Claudia Quesada
Jessica Quintana
Howard Raddatz
Marian Ritter
Marsha Rush
Jim Salley
Evelyn Samples
Bryton Saxon
Sunny Schilter
Bob Smith
Wendy Spring
Gary Starkweather
Tom Stein
Debbie Stevenson
Phil Stichler
Brandon Stone
Kristen Sydney
Shawn Taggart
Cindy Taylor
Jim Thompson
Laura Wade
Patrick Walsh
Rayna Wendell
Richard Wilton