Learn More about Plant & Build
Please join us for an informal, but important, conversation regarding Plant & Build and explore your role in His plan for Holy Cross.  The following events are scheduled to take place over the next month to help each of us better understand the goals and roles we can play in growing His Kingdom.

• Wednesday September 16th at 10AM at Pastor Paul’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study with Inform Event in Fellowship Hall
• Sunday September 20th at 9AM and 10:30AM in the Fellowship Hall
• Sunday September 27th at 9AM and 10:30AM in the Fellowship Hall
• Sunday October 4th at Noon, Cookout with Inform Event in the Fellowship Hall

Healing Service
Here at Holy Cross, we believe that Jesus is alive and well among us through his Holy Spirit, and that a part of his continuing ministry is healing the sick and afflicted. We believe in a supernatural God who still does supernatural things every day. That’s why we’re having a healing service on Saturday, September 26th at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary. We’re coming together as a congregation to expect and pray for the healing power of Jesus to be present among us. Come join us!

Prayer Vigil
Our prayer team is preparing for a prayer vigil in the Worship Center on September 26th from 7AM until 7PM followed by a Prayer and Healing service. We will be praying over the Plant & Build campaign, the members of Holy Cross and the ministries of our partner churches and school. Please consider participating in our prayer vigil on September 26th. You can also submit prayers at hclm.org/prayer

Thank you!
…to everyone who participated in the “Caps of Love” Christian service project which concluded on September 6! The funds received from recycling the massive quantity of plastic caps collected certainly will benefit the program to buy wheelchairs for disabled children.

Driver Needed
If you have a CDL and would like to support Holy Cross Lutheran Academy, we could use your help. We are expanding our enrollment, our sports program and our curriculum related trips. It would help tremendously to have a list of drivers. Please call Matt Martin, Shirley Geiss or Rob Sinninger for more information at 407-936-3636.

Do you have an hour on Wednesday to volunteer? HCLA Upper School would appreciate assistance from 1:20-2:12 in our 6th grade Spanish class. You do not have to be bi-lingual to assist; learn with the students! Please call Shirley Geiss at 407-936-3636 ext 3 for more information.

Slow Food, Fast
The Last Thursday of the month dinner group will be trying out the newest restaurant in Lake Mary, Fred’s Market, on Sept 24th. Make reservations by calling Joanne Hench at 407-322-6004 by Sept 23rd.

Wrap Them In Love
Granny Nannies has asked for our help. Please help a senior in our community stay warm this winter by donating a new blanket! We will be collecting blankets through September 28th. They can be dropped off at the church office.

Financial Peace University
This changes EVERYTHING!! Your money. Your story. Your life. Learn God’s ways of handling money with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University!! The average turnaround is $8,000 in just the first three months!! Classes will begin September 27th @1:00 in the Fellowship Hall. This is a 9 week course. Please contact Pamela & Andy Sadlon for information on ordering your kits to get started!!  (386)734-6609 or (386)747-8271

Gift Planning
Giving IRA’s Twice refers to receiving taxable distributions during your life, then gifting the remaining balance into a charitable trust (tax-free transfer at your death) that benefits family and ministry.  Call Robin Paris at 407-333-0797, Ext. 1103 or email: Robin.Paris@lfnd.org for an illustration of how that might work for you.

They will be meeting on September 22nd at 7PM in the Board Room.

Prayers of Thanksgiving
Jill Hench as she celebrated her 37th birthday on Sept 11th

Prayers of Comfort for Those Who have Lost Loved Ones
Mike Salisbury
Elsie Collum (Diane Hamacher’s mother)
Nikki Irwin
Eddie Gauthier (Michelle Cambra’s step Dad)

Prayers for Healing
Mistee Grunklee having a lot of foot pain from running; prayers for healing
Tom Curren doctors found several masses; prayers for favorable outcome on his tests and healing
Delilah Davis caregiver for Tom Curren prayers for comfort, love and support
Ana diagnosed with breast cancer; prayers for healing
Grayson Cook who is one year old and has a mass, prayers for favorable test results
Robert Bowes for good test results in the coming weeks and for a complication free recovery from major bladder surgery.
Brandon Stone who has been diagnosed with cancer and is without insurance, prayers for healing and that God would provide for his medical expenses
Leon Kees for healing and favorable test results
Maria Katz who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, prayers for healing
Christi  who has been diagnosed with cancer, prayers for healing and effective treatment
Phil Stichler (Friend of Ken Bates) who has been diagnosed with cancer, prayers for healing
Tom Paone recently diagnosed with lung cancer; prayers for healing and strength
Sam Niburg (brother of the Asumu family) diagnosed with prostate cancer; prayers for healing
Desmond Niburg (brother of the Asumu family) diagnosed with kidney cancer; prayers for healing
Casile 4 month old baby girl having surgery to remove a mass in her leg; prayers for healing
Patty Moyerman has been diagnosed with a tumor pressing on her brain; prayers for comfort and healing following surgery

General Prayers
Lori Luedtke and Danny Aranowitz safe travel for vacation 9/18 – 10/13
The French family prayers for comfort, peace and strength through these difficult times
Alan  and Donna Mooney prayers for safe travels for them and their traveling companions as they travel to and from Europe for the next two weeks.

Prayers for Healing from Cancer

Barbara Bechtold
Robert Bowes
Amanda Broughton
Jack Cadden
Ivan Cintron
Sharon Coe
Millie Diaz
Paige Elward
Bette Flynn
Liz Foster
Andy Frey
Carlton Graves
Scott Harding
Jonell Hagle
Stacey Homra
Pastor Randall James
Megan Johnson
Carol Jusits
Maria Katz
Al Laruffa
Lori Luedtke
Heather Marvel
Rob May
Bruce Mensing
Ethel McLeod
Janice Miller
Fred Misener
Steven Montes
Desmond Niburg
Sam Niburg
Nicole O’Grady
Dan Olson
Audrey Pettit
Diane Plog
Claudia Quesada
Jessica Quintana
Howard Raddatz
Roz Rawson
Lisa Rooney
Marsha Rush
Jim Salley
Mike Salisbury
Evelyn Samples
Bryton Saxon
Sunny Schilter
Susan Shultz
Wendy Spring
Gary Starkweather
Phil Stichler
Brandon Stone
Ian Supra
Kristen Sydney
Cindy Taylor
Jim Thompson
Patrick Walsh
Richard Wilton