Current Sermon Series: I Believe

 Genesis 1:1, 26-31, Ephesians 2:13-22, Luke 14:15-24


I Believe. A Walk Through The Apostles’ Creed

Do you have questions like, what is God? Who is Jesus? How does salvation work? What is the church? Then join us for our current sermon series, I Believe. We will be taking a look at the Apostles’ Creed, an ancient confession of the church, to see how it gives Biblically based answers to these questions and more!


Announcements & Updates

Be Our Guest!

If you are new to Holy Cross, thank you for the opportunity to worship with you today. Please feel free to stop by the Welcome Center in the courtyard just outside the Worship Center to enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry with us in between services. Also, take the opportunity to fill out an Engage Card there to get a Holy Cross T-Shirt, Mug, or Magnet. We look forward to getting to know you!

Sunday Morning First Time Guest Parking

We want to welcome our first time guests by providing parking spaces. If possible, please leave designated front parking spaces for our visitors.

Pastor Paul’s Sunday & Wednesday Bible Study

Pastor Paul’s Sunday and Wednesday Bible Study will be taking the summer off in the month of June and July. They will restart August 1st and August 5th respectively.

Prayer Teams Meeting – June 20th

The Prayer Teams will be meeting on Wednesday, June 20th in the Community Center at 7:00pm.

Prayer Service – June 24th

We would like to invite you to come to Holy Cross Prayer Service on Sunday, June 24th at 5:00pm in the Worship Center. We encourage you to join our prayer teams and pastors for a night of prayer and worship. Bring all of your concerns, physical, mental and spiritual and leave them at the altar that night.

Prayer Servants

Here at Holy Cross, we believe prayer is important and powerful. We would like to pray for you. People will be standing by at Communion Sundays to pray for your needs. If you are interested in being a part of this or on a prayer team, contact Debbie Ruehle (321-460-3017).

Save the Date – August 5th

We are pleased to announce that Ethan Spira has accepted the call to join us as the School Chaplain Holy Cross Lutheran Academy. There will be an installation service on August 5th at 2:00PM at Holy Cross Lake Mary with a reception and grocery shower for Ethan and Kim to follow. To assist with the reception contact Kathy Sinninger (

Holy Cross 101 – June 13th

Pastor Matt is offering a onetime new member class in the Community Center on Wednesday, June 13th from 6:00pm-9:00pm. It will be a meet & greet with other new people, a Q & A with Pastor Matt and an introductions to our beliefs.  A light dinner will be provided.  If you plan on attending, please contact Pastor Matt at

Middle School Summer Adventures Await!

Middle School Adventures don’t have to stop just because summer is here. Join us for First Wednesdays Summer Edition! We have planned a day trip to the beach and a day trip to the river. Visit  or any questions email Lara Jackson at

Smiling Faces Wanted!

Do you love meeting new people and are looking for a low time commitment way to serve Holy Cross? We are looking for smiling faces to man the Welcome Center Cart between services. Talk to Pastor Matt.

Collecting Cereal – Sharing Center

Hello, Captain Crunch! We will be collecting cereal for the month of June for the Sharing Center. Our Shipwrecked VBS campers will partner with us to collect as many boxes of cereal that we can. Cereal is great for either breakfast or lunch.

Position Opening Lower Campus

Holy Cross Lutheran Academy is looking for someone to perform daily cleaning and light maintenance for next school year. This is a part time position (2:00PM – 7:00PM 5 Days per week). It will be starting August 1st. Please contact Dennis McGavock if interested (

FPU Starts July 8th

What if you could always buy what you need interest-free? What if you could actually keep a percentage of your paycheck? Guess what? You CAN! With Dave Ramsey’s class Financial Peace University (FPU), you CAN take control of your money. Come join us in the fellowship hall starting July 8th at 1:00 p.m. for week one. If you’re not sure if this is for you, the first week is free! Sign up at, kits will be available for purchase at the class.


L Team News

Second Tuesday Lunch Bunch – June 12th

Join the ladies on June 12th at Bahama Breeze 1540 Rinehart Rd. Sanford at 11:30am for lunch. Call (407-203-7291) Laura Seelen to reserve spot.

Real Men of Jesus – NEW Date July 19th

We are not meeting Thursday, June 14th but will meet Thursday, July 19th for a special RMOJ event at The Escape Artists Escape Room in Sanford. Contact Chris Kutcher for more information.

JOY – June 21st

JOY (just older youth) is a social group for 50+ adults. Our next meeting is on June 21st at 6:30pm. We will meet at the Patio Grill in Sanford for dinner. If you are interested in Food, Fun, and Fellowship, come join us.

LWML Bible Study – June 28th

We are moving our monthly Bible study to the 4th Thursday each month at 6:30 PM in the Community Center (Fellowship Hall). Please mark your calendar for June 28th and July 26th. These will be our summer Bible studies. We hope to continue on Thursday nights in the Fall and also add an additional fellowship night.  If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Shyrock at


Prayers of the Church   

Prayers of Thanksgiving

Vacation Bible School (VBS) Week 1


Prayers of Comfort

Steve Burse


Prayers of Healing

Juan Laureano (Javier Rosario’s brother-in-law) hospitalized and having surgery; prayers for good outcome and full recovery

Irmgard Pommerening tested for pancreatic cancer; prayers for proper treatment and complete recovery

Tosha Feldmann prayers for healing from brain surgery

Mary Warren  prayers of healing from surgery


General Prayers

Louise & Joseph Lore praying for their continued health and well-being as they are 98 years old and very delicate

Michael Heindl prayers of strength to overcome past difficulties

Kristen Hench safe travel from Colorado to Vermont

Isaiah & Kenan Hench, Lisa & Kerry Griswold safe travels


We pray today for our nation and our world. We ask that God would be with all of our leaders and elected officials.


Prayers for Healing from Cancer

Laurie Adami

Barbara Bechtold

Robert Bowes

Karen Brett

Texann Buck

Jack Cadden

Kathy Carr

Andrea Clark

Lucy Clark

Mary Clark

Karen Dunn

Herbert Eckstein

Wendy Eisenhower

Jamie Fabozzi

Al Follett

Carla Ford

Daisy Gartner

Rileigh Hanson

Martha Herring

Steve Homan

Marlin Houser

Jessie Howe

Pastor Randall James

Jan Kerns

Mandi King

Kevin Kittelson

Lynne Kramer

Al Laruffa

Lori Luedtke

Jean Mactye

Janice Miller

Desmond Niburg

Dan Olson

Hal Penley Sr

Irmgard Pommerening

Sue Puglisi

Lori Rockey

Jody Santopietro

Karen Schlue

Deanne Tanner

Will Thompson

Mary Warren


“Casting a light to help those who are lost find their way in Christ”


Sunday Services at 8:00am, 9:30am and 11:00am in the Worship Center

Monday Service at 6:30pm in the Community Center

Pastor Matt Wallis (; Pastor Chris Johnson (

Executive Pastor CFLCN: Pastor Paul Hoyer (