Putting God’s words into practice is much more effective when you are not alone. Many times it is hard to do what God asks. Some of the days you might feel like you want to give up. That’s why I suggest bringing someone along with you in this Challenge. Pick someone you trust. Do the Challenge with accountability partners, grab a few friends and invite them to come alongside you on this journey.

Here are some of the folks from our church who are hosting groups:

  • Cary & Renee Hays – Fridays @ 7PM Sanford (east of 17/92)
  • Lana Wallis – Thursdays@6:30PM Sanford (east of 17/92)
  • Debbie & Steven Ruehle – Sundays @ 6PM Longwood
  • Lisa Mangus – Tuesdays@6:30PM Sanford (West of i4)
  • Jean Carlson – Tuesdays@10AM Lake Mary
  • Tim Burns – Thurdays@2PM Panera Heathrow
  • Keith & Sherry Lorenz – Wednesday@7:30PM Timacuan

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