Trinity Sunday 

Sunday, June 12, 2022, 8:00 a.m.

Proverbs 8: 1-4, 22 -31   Acts 1: 6-11   John 8: 48-59

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2022-06-12 8AM


New sermon series: Lighting the Way

Would you like to know how to deepen your relationship with God, form community and get involved?  Then join us for the next four weeks as we learn how to Light the Way in Central Florida!  Each week, in addition to the message on Lighting the Way, we will also be giving you opportunities to delve deeper into the community at Holy Cross.
Week 1 (6/5):  Experience VBS at HC.  See the sets and hear all about how we are Lighting the Way for kids this summer.
Week 2 (6/12):  Experience the Network.  Join us for the network gathering from 3:30pm-6pm to learn about the network of churches and school campuses we have helped create to impact Central Florida.
Week 3 (6/19):  Games and Teams.  Join us during the 9am education hour for fun and games and to see all the opportunities to get involved here at HC.
Week 4 (6/26):  Celebrate!  On the last week we will have one joint celebration service at 10am followed by a cookout at 11:30.