Knowledge is discovering something new so you can be better at whatever you do. We believe that God’s Word is the best place to discover something new about our world and ultimately ourselves. And when we put those discoveries into practice it changes us from the inside out and impacts the choices we make and the way we live. God is the source of all truth. We need to dig into His Word and discover that truth for ourselves.

The knowledge we glean from the 66 books of the Bible tells us how to live our lives day in and day out. But that knowledge is not an end in and of itself. We can know all there is to know about God, but if we don’t put any of our knowledge into practice, it is worthless.

Children’s church will be on a break until August 7, 2022. You and your children are always welcome to the 10 am service with Pastor Matt and Pastor Chris!


10 am

Praise and Worship with fun songs and movements. Dance and sing with us to past VBS songs and some old Sunday School favorites!


10 am

A cool experiment that ties in with today’s lesson. The kids will hear the lesson in a group setting and have interactive skits, projects and experiments to help drive the lesson home.

10:45 -10:55

Closing – Close their Sunday School day with prayer and more singing and dancing.