We believe that being a disciple of Christ is about more than just attending church on Sundays. It is a complete way of life that is defined by:

LIVING life as a gift and a calling from God.
• Receiving and giving away the LOVE of God.
LEARNING and sharing the Word of God.

This LIVE, LOVE, LEARN (L3) approach to life defines everything we do. LIVE events, and Teams, have their basis in fellowship. LOVE events, and Teams, focus on service. LEARN events, and Teams, are about study of God’s Word and other things that help us to live as God’s people.

Opportunities to Connect

We try to make it easy for you to connect with other people at Holy Cross outside of Sunday worship. Following our L3 approach to life, here are the main ways you can take the first step of getting involved.

Family Serve (LOVE): Load up and make an impact! Every month we offer an opportunity to serve together at a variety of places. Each service event is designed to be kid friendly so you can bring the whole family, or feel free to come yourself! Check out hclm.org/familyserve to find and register for the next event.

Holy Cross 101 (HC101) (LEARN): Want to find out more about Holy Cross? Interested in “membership”? Then this is the class for you! HC101 is a fun and casual class offered every other month (on the first Tuesday of the month). In this 3 hour, one meeting class, you will get to know Holy Cross and what we believe. A light dinner is provided, and babysitting can be arranged upon request. Contact Pastor Matt for more information.


Jesus formed a team of people around Himself, and we believe we should be on a team too! Discipleship and growth happens best in the context of relationships. L-Teams give us the opportunity to build those relationships as we form little pockets of community in our life.

Teams also follow an L3 approach. Live teams are fellowship oriented teams. Love teams are about serving. Learn teams focus on study and learning of the bible and other Christian based materials. But the best thing about Teams is that they are made by you. L-Teams are grassroots organizations, designed and created by the people that are in them. So if you don’t see a Team you are looking for, talk to Pastor Chris about starting one yourself!


Connect Events

For a list of all events, check out our Calendar