Heart to Heart is for every marriage!

Whether you’ve been married less than 1 year or over 20, Heart to Heart is for you!  You and your spouse will learn about your unique communication styles and needs, your “why’s,” your underlying motivations and fears, and the way they impact communication. Over the course of two interactive Saturday workshops and at-home activities, you will learn about yourself, rediscover your spouse and learn how to communicate more effectively together.

“But we really don’t need it…we don’t argue that often.”

Oftentimes, couples without visible communication tension likely have one or more partners holding back and not sharing their true feelings.  Heart to Heart is appropriate for all marriages, regardless of the frequency or intensity of communication tension.  This workshop is designed for all couples that desire to grow closer to each through self-awareness and applied learning to understand their spouses’ needs.  Heart to Heart provides marriage partners with an opportunity to have loving, guided conversations to foster understanding, reveal truths, build trust, and strengthen the marriage relationship.

Workshop Content

  • Recognize and learn about your personal communication style, underlying fears, motivators, and stressors
  • Understand and explore your reactions to your spouse’s and other styles
  • Identify strategies to increase your overall communication effectiveness with your spouse
  • Build vulnerability-based trust within your marriage with specific behaviors
  • Diagnose your stress and conflict behaviors and their impact on communication

“This workshop will wake you up on how you talk to and hear what your spouse says and what is actually heard…eye opener.”

“Heart to Heart was an awesome way to learn about yourself and your spouse. The exercises really increased our awareness, communication, and provided tips for dealing with conflict. I think anyone would benefit from this workshop in improving communication with your spouse and other people, as well.”

“This workshop was amazing and opened up opportunities for loving discussions about communication in marriage.”

“Heart to Heart is a well-designed and well thought-out course. It brought a great sense of awareness to both of us; helping us to understand the traits we each bring into our marriage.”

Register For The Workshop

If you have questions about the workshop, please call your workshop hosts, David and Valerie Fosburgh at 407-986-0980.