Preschool Supply Sale

Sadly our Preschool at our Lake Mary Location had to close. Luckily for you, that means we have tons of preschool supplies and furniture for sale. 

The sale will be open to local preschool on Thursday, November 5th from 9 am -3 pm. See below for a preview of the sale.

What we have:

Please excuse our mess as we are still working at getting everything organized for the sale.

All tables and shelving units in the pictures are for sale.

We have 2 half moon tables, 3 round tables, 2 rectangular tables, 5 half hexagon tables.
Tables and shelving units are $20 each.
The teacher desk is $50. Filing Cabinets (not pictured) are $20 each.  Plastic chairs are 2 for $5. Teacher/Office chairs are $15 each. 

All other toys, books, crafts supplies, etc. are by agreed price.


Toys and Shelving

Office or Teacher Desk

Storage Cabinet

Teacher Resources

Books (shelves not for sale)

Sand/Water Tables, Rectangular Tables, Teacher Cabinet

Toys and Shelves

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Wall Mounted Art Racks

Tables and Supplies

Science Center Supplies and Table

Bookshelves and Books

Puzzles, Tables, Pretend Play Items

Need more information?

Feel free to call or email Lara Jackson 407-333-0797 Ext 1106 or