Employee Self Service

We are working to allow staff members to utilize self service tools as much as possible. For issues not resolved here, contact your supervisor.


It is the desire of Central Florida Cross Network (CFLCN) to provide fair equitable treatment and reasonable conditions of employment for staff members.
Each job is important in the mission and goals of CFLCN and its membership. We are engaged in some of the most important work in the world, and each staff member is an integral part of it. Each staff member has a place of responsibility – some serving in ministerial capacities, some in education, some in administrative or clerical capacities, and some in the care and maintenance of buildings, grounds and equipment. Every job is necessary for an efficient operation.
Although this document contains rules, procedures and job descriptions in some detail, it is not and should not be construed to be a contract of employment. Employees are employed by CFLCN “at will”. The employee or CFLCN may terminate the employment relationship at any time.
It is obviously not possible to anticipate every situation that may arise in the workplace or to provide information that answers every possible question. As a result, CFLCN reserves the right to modify, supplement, rescind, or revise any policy, benefit, or provision from time to time, with or without notice, as it deems necessary or appropriate. However, at all times, CFLCN will comply with all applicable laws.

General Guidelines

While it is the goal of CFLCN to be perceived as the center of both the Central Florida community, and our faith community, we would also like to provide an opportunity for the staff members to achieve as much personal growth as possible.
Staff members are expected to maintain confidences and to refrain from discussing confidential matters. The confidential relationship between staff members and those they serve is absolutely necessary. Business transactions, records of contributions, the need for counseling or office visits, marital difficulties, or problems of any kind, known by the staff, should not be shared with anyone (even spouse or family). This also applies to the confidentiality of all staff matters and relationships, including personal problems and the like.
Staff members are expected to work together as a team in a harmonious and cooperative spirit. When the Board of Directors of CFLCN adopts a policy, it is the staff members’ responsibility to maintain a cooperative attitude.
Staff members are expected to set an example in Christian stewardship, and to maintain the highest standards of conduct and morality.

For purposes of this manual, employees are classified as follows:
• Full Time Teachers: This classification includes teachers who teach full time (regularly scheduled for 30 or more hours per week) for 10 months per year or more.
• Full Time: This classification includes employees who are not otherwise classified, and are regularly scheduled for 30 or more hours per week.
• Part Time: This classification includes employees who are not regularly scheduled for 30 or more hours per week.

CFLCN is in full agreement with the intent of the Civil Rights Laws. It is our firm belief that the basis of employee selection for hiring, promotion, transfer, training, job assignment, hours of work, rate of pay, and working conditions should be according to ability, not age, race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, disability, or any other factors not considered pertinent to performance.
Because we are a church body, certain positions demand extensive understanding of and commitment to the doctrinal view of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. For some positions, it is necessary for us to seek out individuals with specific religious training and/or synodical recognition. In addition, to the extent allowed by the law, CFLCN may give preference in hiring on the basis of religion, including persons who are members in good standing of a Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod congregation.
CFLCN requires that all staff members meet or exceed the educational requirements of their position. Positions identifying ordained clergy status as a requirement are required to be held by ordained ministers of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Based on religious belief, only males are ordained ministers in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Therefore, for those positions, females will not be considered for employment.
All employees must turn in a completed Form W-4 and Form I-9 prior to receiving any compensation from CFLCN. All potential employees that will have direct contact with children are required to undergo a background check.

CFLCN employees will be paid bi-weekly on the pay schedule listed here.
Salaried full time employees are expected to regularly work a minimum of 40 hours per week. Salaried teachers are expected to work a full school day while school is in session, plus certain other occasions as determined by the Principal of their school department. Salaried employees are not entitled to overtime pay or “comp time”.
Full time teachers may be paid on either a ten month (August through May) or twelve month (August through July) basis, at their discretion.
All employees are paid according to the CFLCN salary schedule which is reviewed and updated yearly. All compensation information should remain confidential, and should not be discussed with anyone other than your supervisor, the Executive Pastor, or the Director of Operations.

As an employee of a church body exempt from unemployment compensation taxes, you will not be eligible for unemployment compensation at the end of your tenure.

Insurance Plans
Full time employees and full time teachers are eligible to participate in the CFLCN health benefit plan. CFLCN will pay a percentage of the cost for the employee’s coverage. Coverage for dependents is available at the employee’s expense.

The following are observed as paid holidays for full time employees:
• New Year’s Day
• Good Friday
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving
• Day after Thanksgiving
• Christmas Eve
• Christmas Day
• New Year’s Eve

If an employee is required to work on one of the above holidays they will be entitled to an additional personal day. If a holiday falls on a weekend, CFLCN may observe the paid holiday during the week, at management’s discretion.

Vacations (Non-teaching staff only)
Full time staff members earn paid vacations, in accordance with the following schedule:
Years of Service Vacation Earned
1 – 5 Years 2 Weeks
6 – 10 Years 3 Weeks
11 – or more years 4 Weeks

For each week of vacation earned, employees will be allowed the number of days off for which they are regularly scheduled to work. Employees are regularly scheduled for 5 work days per week unless a specific exception is made.
No paid vacation will be granted until after the first anniversary of an employee’s hiring. Vacation days must be approved in advance by the employee’s supervisor.
Paid vacation earned during one fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) may be taken during the following fiscal year. Paid vacation for the employee’s first fiscal year will be pro-rated, depending on the number of months worked.

Normally, vacations will not be carried forward from one year to the next. It is not the policy of CFLCN to allow additional pay for vacation time not taken.
Upon termination of employment in good standing, and with required notice (two weeks), final pay will include pay for any vacation earned but not taken in that year.

HCLA Staff Only – Compensation for teachers with a letter of agreement is based on an annual agreement, which takes into account number of classes taught and days worked and does not include paid vacations or holidays.

Sick Leave
Full time salaried employees and full time salaried teachers may receive up to five paid sick days per fiscal year. Paid sick days for the employee’s first fiscal year will be pro-rated, depending on the number of months worked. Sick pay may not be carried over from one year to the next.
CFLCN reserves the right to require a physical examination or the submission of a statement from a doctor before allowing the employee to return to work after receiving payments under this provision.

Bereavement Leave
Bereavement leave with pay will be considered in connection with a death of a spouse, parent, child, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, nephew, niece, grandparent, or other relative if living with staff member.
Leave is available to full time employees and full time teachers. Each case will be determined on its own merit by the Executive Pastor and the employee’s supervisor. Time off with pay will normally range from part of a day to three days depending upon time, location of funeral, and the employee’s relationship to the person that passed away.

Jury Duty and Military Reserves
Full time employees and full time teachers who are called to serve and must miss work shall continue to receive full pay from the church, less any amounts paid for the jury or reserve work, with the understanding that they are to be on their regular job at any time they are not required by the court or reserves.


Full-time Employee tuition discount regularly scheduled for at least 30 hours/week

  • 70% tuition discount up to 3 children
  • 25% registration fee discount
  • Aftercare- full coverage while working

Note: This benefit is given regardless of whether or not an employee participates in HCLA health insurance plan. 


Part-time employees working at least 20 hours per week

  • 20% tuition discount up to 3 children
  • Pay full registration fee 
  • Aftercare- full coverage while working

Note: This benefit is given regardless of whether or not an employee participates in HCLA health insurance plan. 


Full Time Grandparent discount

  • 30% tuition discount for grandchild’s tuition (up to one grandchild)
  • 25% registration fee discount 


  • Annual $1500 stipend for teachers with a master’s degree
  • $50 for any unused sick day beginning 2023-2024 school year
  • Health Insurance Options including a no cost option.
  • $50,000 Life Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program 
  • Access to Health/Vision/Voluntary Insurance



  • Teladoc Access with Zero Copay
  • 401K Retirement Plan with 3% Employer Contribution.
  • Employee Discounts program for local businesses


Employees are expected to arrive for work on time every day. In addition, employees may be expected to attend mandatory staff meetings after regular work hours from time to time.
Repeated tardiness or absence from regular work schedule is unacceptable and can lead to probationary action or termination of employment.

Church Property and Equipment
Church property, equipment, and machines are for specific use and purposes; they are not to be moved or removed without the permission of the Property Manager.
The use of telephones for long distance calls is restricted to CFLCN business only.
The use of equipment, telephones, and Internet access, including e-mail, is intended for CFLCN business purposes. Limited personal use may be allowed, provided it does not interfere with the employee’s ability to carry out his/her duties, is not illegal, and is not in violation of CFLCN’s policies. All Internet communication initiated or received on CFLCN computers is the property of CFLCN, and may be reviewed by management at any time. Employees are expected to reimburse CFLCN for costs associated with personal use of CFLCN facilities.
The daily application of good housekeeping and maintenance practices is beneficial in ensuring value received from all machines and equipment, and is expected from all employees.

Dress & Personal Hygiene
All employees are expected to dress in professional apparel or in apparel appropriate to the type of work performed and may be specific to departments. Supervisors may require staff to change prior to beginning their shift if attire is not appropriate. All education personnel shall wear a name tag and close toed shoes.

Employees are expected to meet the following standards or guidelines with respect to personal grooming and hygiene upkeep:

  • Consistent bathing and oral hygiene
  • No heavily-scented perfumes, colognes or lotions
  • Clean, well-groomed hair; including beards, mustaches, goatees and sideburns (no artificial colors outside the norm)
  • Clothing or attire must not interfere with the safe operation of duties or equipment
  • No dangling or large hoop jewelry which may present a safety hazard
  • Piercings are limited to the ear. Any other visible piercings are prohibited during work hours
  • Role specific dress and personal hygiene requirements may be required by the individual departments


Personal Conduct
The success of our ministry depends in large part upon the respect and confidence staff members show each other and those involved in our ministries. Where conduct does not meet expectations disciplinary action, which could include termination, will take place.
The following are examples of conduct that would result in disciplinary action:

  • Poor job performance
  • Sexual or other forms of harassment
  • Willful disregard of CFLCN policies and procedures
  • Possession, distribution, sale or use of illegal drugs
  • Misconduct (such as theft, physical abuse, falsification of records, etc.)
  • Using alcoholic beverages on CFLCN premises without supervisor authorization
  • Reporting to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Smoking within any CFLCN building
  • Illegal or immoral activities of any sort. (such as gambling, viewing pornography or pornographic activities, etc.)

Employee’s off-hours conduct may be a concern to CFLCN if it has a negative impact on any employee’s performance, the performance of other employees, or reflects badly on CFLCN. Issues concerning conduct both at work or in off-hours; will be reviewed by the employee’s supervisor and the Executive Pastor, with appropriate action to follow.

CFLCN is committed to providing a work environment that is free of harassment of any kind. A supervisor who harasses or solicits favors (including sexual favors) from any subordinate in return for promotions, increased wages, continuance of the job, or any similar purpose will be terminated.
Likewise, unwelcome sexual propositions between employees may also constitute sexual harassment and will not be tolerated.
Employees who believe that they have been victims of harassment should promptly report it to the Executive Pastor or their supervisor. All complaints will be handled promptly and appropriate privacy safeguards will be applied. All employees should be aware that the privacy of the charging party and the person accused of the harassment will be kept strictly confidential. No employee will be penalized for registering a harassment complaint.

Background Checks & Qualifications
CFLCN reserves the right to perform background checks prior to employment as well as from time to time during employment. CFLCN utilizes a third party agency to verify the accuracy of the information provided by the applicant during the selection process. Information collected by the agency includes past employment, education, arrest and financial history. Certain positions may require additional licensure or qualifications, employee is expected to maintain those requirements.

Job Termination
You have the right to terminate your employment at any time, and CFLCN reserves a similar right. Upon termination, all keys and any other CFLCN property is to be returned. An exit interview may be scheduled with any terminated employee. As an employee of a church you will not be entitled to unemployment compensation at the end of your tenure.

HCLA Policies

The Director of Education will oversee the administrative operations of Holy Cross Lutheran Academy. The Principal of each Academy department will report to the Director of Education. The Director of Education will in turn report to the Executive Pastor of Central Florida Cross Network. Teachers are responsible to the respective Principal of their department. Staff Aide and Classroom helpers report to the teachers to whom they are assigned. However, each Principal retains overall responsibility for the supervision and coordination of their school department.

HCLA expects that a teacher will notify the Principal immediately of any situation that would cause classroom absence. Such notifications must be acknowledged by the Principal – verbal notification is the standard. The Principal may authorize the teacher to directly contact a substitute. In a situation where a teacher cannot reach the Principal and there is an obvious need to arrange a substitute; the teacher may make the arrangement. Only names on the approved list of substitutes may be contacted.

Teachers will prepare a substitute Teacher File Folder for each of their classes. This folder will contain:
1. The class list including parent names and phone numbers.
2. The daily schedule for the class.
3. A list and or description of any essential classroom procedures that a substitute teacher would need to know to conduct the class.
4. Preschool teachers will include a week of lesson plans for the class. In other words 2 plans for a two-day class, 3 plans for a three-day class, etc.
5. Elementary teachers will include two days lesson plans.

Teachers will submit the completed substitute Teacher File Folders to their Principal’s office during the second week of the new school term.

HCLA expects teachers to prepare daily lesson plans. Teachers will prepare these plans in accordance with the instructions provided them by their Principal. It is further required that teachers within a department coordinate their plans with each other, so that correlation within the program is established and maintained.
Preschool Teachers will turn in their lesson plans to their Principal weekly. Lesson plans will be reviewed by their Principal weekly.

HCLA encourages teachers to plan periodic field trips. An in-school activity such as the Thanksgiving Feast or Transportation Day may be used in place of or in addition to other scheduled field trips.
In order to avoid duplication and in an attempt to provide the best opportunities for our students, Principals will coordinate their field trips by school. The teachers should help prepare a list of field trips prior to the beginning of the school term for review by the Principals.
Teachers have the responsibility for making all arrangements for their field trips. Teachers may request assistance from their respective office, such as parent notices.

Teachers will submit any notice they intend for general distribution to a class or classes to their Principal’s office for review prior to distribution, excluding weekly classroom updates which must include the Principal in the distribution.

HCLA requires that staff report student injuries to the Office via an accident report. The office will keep a record of every reported injury. The seriousness of the injury will determine whether an accident report form is completed.

HCLA is making every effort to gain savings; consequently all needed supplies should be included on the supply purchasing form. The office, under the supervision of the Principal, will then make all the necessary purchases and distribute the supplies to the respective individuals.

Regular Staff meetings will be scheduled by the Principal of each school department. Attendance is expected at these important meetings. Periodically the staff will have the opportunity to participate in conferences and in-service workshops. HCLA will pay the cost for such meetings.

HCLA holds parents responsible for early student drop-off or late student pick-up. Early drop-off means more than 10 minutes early. Late pick-up means more than ten minutes late after class dismissal time. In either situation, a $5.00 fee may be charged for the first 10 minutes or part thereof after the 10-minute “grace” period. Following the “grace” period an additional $1.00 per minute may be assessed for every additional minute incurred. These penalty fees will be collected by the Office at either the Sanford or Lake Mary campus.

HCLA expects that in our dealings with clients, we will keep foremost in mind that we all share in the ministry of Jesus’ love. Thus sensitivity and tact should characterize all of our contacts with those we serve. We provide a service readily available from other providers. Consequently, clients could go elsewhere to obtain a similar service. We believe that it is the “HEART” of Holy Cross Lutheran Academy that most distinguishes our program.

For the purpose of staff development and communication, the Principal of each school department will schedule individual conferences with each Staff member at least twice during the school year. For the teaching staff, these conferences will follow scheduled classroom observation by their Principal.

The Holy Scriptures establishes Matthew 18:15-18 as our guide in handling all grievances between people. This plainly instructs us to deal “one to one” before involving third parties. At the same time, it provides for a continuing resolution process should “one to one” fail to resolve the conflict. HCLA desires that staff follows this guide in the process of conflict resolution both in Staff and client situations. The Principal will provide guidance in working through such matters.

Acknowledgement of Policy Manual


New hires are eligible the month following 60 days of full -time employment

Enrollment is open in early fall for October 1

Enrollment for Florida Blue and Principal is online at EmployeeNavigator.com  

An email will be sent with your login credentials

Retirement Plans

Holy Cross is pleased to offer a 401k Plan for all employees – the HOLY CROSS LUTHERAN 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan & Trust. Your 401K retirement plan is being funded by your employer with a contribution equal to 3% of your gross pay following 60 days of employment.

This benefit complies with the federally mandated retirement plan changes that are slated to go into effect over the next few years.

The plan will be administered by Paychex (our current Payroll processor) and funding will be automatic after each payrun. The plan can be self-managed on our current payroll application/website (paychexflex.com).

Steps You Should Take:

Login to Paychex (https://paychexflex.com/):


  • Click on My Retirement
  • Click on Fee Disclosure
  • Under Delivery Method Select: Email  the Click Save
  1. Feel free to Read the latest Fee Disclosure
  • Click on Beneficiaries
  1. Add any desired Beneficiaries
  • Click On Contributions
  1. Review Your Contributions and adjust as desired
  2. IMPORTANT: Your prior payroll deductions from the discontinued 403B plan are not carried over, you must make these elections for the 401K.
  • Click on Investments
    1. Review Your Investments (the default is an age based target fund)

Fidelity 403B Plan

HCLM_403(b)-SPD – Summary Plan Descritpion

403b Plan Adoption Agreement – ER & EE

HCLM_403b Plan Document

Employee Discounts

Working advantage employee discount programs for everything from movie tickets to cars. Visit working advantage and register with your work issued email address.


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