The pregnancy centers exist to provide women with information on all of their options to navigate through unplanned pregnancy. They provide free pregnancy tests, confidential options counseling, ultrasounds & abortion information. They believe that education is empowering. They encourage woman get all the answers and facts about their unplanned pregnancy before they make an important decision.

The Pregnancy Center is a not for profit abortion clinic alternative that has been offering its free services to Seminole County since 1998. All of their services are completely confidential and at no cost to you. They exist to provide women with all of their options to navigate unplanned pregnancy. Call to schedule an appointment or use our online service. Walk-ins are always welcome.

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Sanford: 407-323-3384
Winter Park: 407-790-7411
Mobile Unit: 407-412-1952

Text Us: 407-603-3346

Pregancy Center