HCLM to Host COVID Vaccine

From the start of the pandemic we at holy Cross have endeavored to worship God and serve our neighbor as we always have, but in a way that is in accord with public guidelines and mandates, and with our Christian duty to love our neighbor and not put them at undue risk. We feel that the next step to this is offer every opportunity for our congregation and members of the community to receive the COVID Vaccine if they wish to do so.


Wednesday, May 12

A Seminole County mobile Vaccine unit will be in our Community Center from 9am-1pm to give vaccines

Holy Cross Lake Mary

780 N Sun Dr
Lake Mary, FL 32708


Tell Your Friends

Everyone who has not yet received the vaccine is welcome to attend


Appointment or Walk-ins Welcome

Appointments are encouraged, but no one who arrives before 12:30pm will be turned away

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